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Thank you for your support in 2023

The year has come and gone and we would like to thank all of our project supporters.

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WaterReport v Africe oslavil 10 let, končí a posouvá se do své nové etapy

Projekt monitoringu vodních zdrojů v Etiopii pomáhal s Člověkem v tísni.

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WaterReport celebrates 10 years in Africa

Water monitoring project in Ethiopia helped People in Need.

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DRONES FOR UKRAINE - press release

A press release on the Drones for Ukraine project was issued on 31 March.

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Theatricalization II. and Villa Hrdlička

Make the beginning of the school year more enjoyable for children with a puppet show (but there will be puppets and the second one will be played) with a theater with a rich accompanying program ...

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Theatrical events took place at number one

This year's program organized by HORIZONT HG 2014, z.ú. and the town of Česká Lípa in Villa Hrdlička was dedicated to children. We were very pleased with the abundant participation.

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