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Our mission is to preserve our heritage for our children and grandchildren. The biggest project we are currently focusing on is monitoring water resources in Africa that are vital for residents and their children. In the Czech Republic, we focus on the restoration of monuments and support the meeting and development of people in general.
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We want to be where we are needed and to give a helping hand

Collection of drones for Ukraine

In cooperation with Ukrainian embassy, companies in HRDLIČKA Holding and APG (Association of Geomatic Entrepreneurs) we are organizing collection of drones to help Ukraine.

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St. Ludmila 1,100 Years

Through its educational activities and the organization of cultural events, the project has been continuously dedicated to the commemoration of St. Ludmila’s legacy since 2015. It aims to transfer spiritual values to the public.

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Thank you for your support in 2023

The year has come and gone and we would like to thank all of our project supporters.

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WaterReport v Africe oslavil 10 let, končí a posouvá se do své nové etapy

Projekt monitoringu vodních zdrojů v Etiopii pomáhal s Člověkem v tísni.

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WaterReport celebrates 10 years in Africa

Water monitoring project in Ethiopia helped People in Need.

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