St. Ludmila 1,100 Years

Through its educational activities and the organization of cultural events, the project has been continuously dedicated to the commemoration of St. Ludmila’s legacy since 2015. It aims to transfer spiritual values to the public.


The St. Ludmila 1,100 Years project has been dedicated to St. Ludmila's memory since 2015. It will culminate in the commemoration of the 1,100th anniversary of the murder of St. Ludmila at Tetín Castle, which will take place in 2021.

St. Ludmila is the patron saint of families, the first Czech and Slavic saint, whose name is borne by churches and institutions around the world and has significantly contributed to Czech history. That is why the St. Ludmila 1,100 Years Association was founded in 2015 by the village of Tetín, the town of Mělník, the town of Roztoky, the Roztoky parish and the Beroun parish. The Association has prepared the St. Ludmila 1,100 Years project, which aims to celebrate this famous saint, her life and legacy with a number of events that will culminate in Tetín in 2021.


The aim of the St. Ludmila 1,100 Years project is to celebrate the legacy of the Czech saint, ruler and first documented woman in Bohemia, St. Ludmila. To achieve this goal, the above-mentioned St. Ludmila 1,100 Years Association was formed, which is coordinating the event led by the head of the project Nina Weissová and the chairman of the Association Martin Hrdlička. Since 2016, many cultural events related to St. Ludmila (pilgrimages, concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances, lectures, etc.) have been held all around the Czech Republic and some even abroad. The main objective of the project is, therefore, to commemorate St. Ludmila and her legacy, which was and is important for Czech history and from which we can all take inspiration in our own lives. Another goal of the project is to revitalize tourism in the areas where St. Ludmila stayed. The project also offers opportunities to establish partnerships between towns and municipalities both within the Czech Republic and abroad, which is already underway. The project also aims to connect the local community.


The project was started in 2015 and will culminate in 2021. Every year there is an opportunity to visit many cultural events connected with St. Ludmila. Other groups (cities, organizations, businesses, or even individuals) are continuously being added to participate and celebrate St. Ludmila and her historical and spiritual legacy together. The project is also being supported by numerous institutions (for example, the office of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Culture and the Archbishopric of Prague). You can follow the project at:


We decided to support the project because it intersects with our ideas of Friendship and Heritage. The project returns to our national roots and reminds us of basic human values. At the same time, municipalities, cities, organizations and individuals are involved in the project, and in doing so are establishing a basis for continued cooperation in the future. Horizont HG 2014 is also a partner of this project.

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