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Horizont HG 2014 is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2014 by the Hrdlička family as an organization connected to the HRDLICKA Group. The non-profit organization was created in order to support interesting projects. Horizont HG 2014 has its own mission, which it defines in 4 values: Friendship, Progress, Heritage, and Collaboration.


We find the differences between races, social and cultural groups to be a source of mutual enrichment, not the opposite.


We support people and viable activities that seek to make general progress or strive for their own development.


We try to preserve the inheritance of previous generations, cultures and nature. We see these as God's gifts.


We join forces and look for ways to work together on beneficial projects for our communities.

Meet founding members (administrative body) and company director

Ing. Ludmila Bušková


Ing. Martin Hrdlička


Ing. Kateřina Hrdličková


Ondřej Hrdlička MTCP (Hons)


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