Horizont was financially supported by the St. Ludmila Association for 1,100 years

Horizont HG 2014 values the partnership with the Svatá Ludmila association for 1,100 years. Therefore, he again financially supported the project of the same name.
January 31, 2019

The year 2019 will be another important year for thepreparations for 2021 when the entire St. Ludmila project will culminate.Therefore, Horizont HG 2014 donated a gift to the Svatá Ludmila association for1,100 years this year as well, this time in the amount of CZK 150,000. Webelieve that this year 2019 will be successful for the entire association andwe look forward to cooperating on other joint cultural projects. For example, thisyear we have a project to create the Statues of St. Ludmila, on which we arecooperating with the Secondary Industrial School of Stonemasonry and Sculpture.

We want to be where we are needed and to give a helping hand

DRONES FOR UKRAINE - press release

A press release on the Drones for Ukraine project was issued on 31 March.

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Theatricalization II. and Villa Hrdlička

Make the beginning of the school year more enjoyable for children with a puppet show (but there will be puppets and the second one will be played) with a theater with a rich accompanying program ...

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Theatrical events took place at number one

This year's program organized by HORIZONT HG 2014, z.ú. and the town of Česká Lípa in Villa Hrdlička was dedicated to children. We were very pleased with the abundant participation.

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