Educational projects

We are happy to support projects related to education. One of our missions is progress, and we want to support active and talented people who have more difficult access to quality education.

We have already taken the first steps. We are trying to promote technical education by working with colleges and universities. One of the founders of Horizont HG 2014, Martin Hrdlička, occasionally lectures on various topics at universities and secondary schools to direct students to study technical disciplines and motivate them to do business. With partner Miroslav Burda of Intelis (a member of the HRDLIČKA Group), he got involved in the You Can Do Business project, which aims to inspire students, introduce them to the realities of working life and stimulate their business ambitions.

HRDLIČKA supports, among others, the Secondary Industrial School of Surveying, the only secondary school in this field in the Czech Republic. The company organizes an informal event where students attempt to solve real-world tasks while also offering them the opportunity of internships.

Cooperation with schools takes place in the form of student internships and support in the preparation of seminar and diploma theses. Currently, a project is being prepared with the Central Industrial School in Česká Lípa, in which students will work on the implementation of the InCity service (www.incity.cz) in Česká Lípa.